Health Care Legislation Debate Highlights Ugliness in Congress, in Country

Mar 22

Last night I turned on CNN and watched the House pass health-care reform, 219-212…as we all expected, there was no bipartisanship as not one Republican voted for the legislation. And before you can say, what does this all mean for the average consumer, the PR assault on both sides of the aisle, on morning news shows, TV ads, emails, blogs…

Some pundits are already predicting that come this fall when Congressional seats are up for election, the Republicans will whither away the Dems’ majority, while others are saying that once we – the American people – really understand the legislation the GOP will have to back off. How can the Republicans say that expanding health coverage to all, not turning down those with a pre-existing condition, allowing children to stay on their parents’ policy until age 26 is a bad thing? On the flip side, the GOP is saying this legislation was done without transparency, without public support, and that a bit of our freedom was lost when passing this legislation…. Several states are already planning to sue the government challenging this legislation.

There was name calling on the floor of the House, there were people walking out during House Speaker Pelosi’s speech, there were tea party protesters outside hurling racial slurs as members of the Black Caucus were entering the chamber and anti-gay comments made to Congressman Barney Frank. Not a pretty sight from where I was sitting in my living room. I find myself asking, what is up with us? When did everyone become so angry and so vicious? Why do we think it’s okay when debating to call someone a “baby killer” or scream “you lie” [during President Obama's State of the Union in January]?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, where is civility? Yes, have passion, but engage, talk, listen and put the vitriol aside.


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