Skype-ing with Seth Godin, Author of the “LINCHPIN”

Mar 22

Skype-ing with Seth Godin, Author of the “LINCHPIN”

Two weeks ago I interviewed Seth Godin, bestselling author of the LINCHPIN, Are You Indispensable? for an e-newsletter I write. Seth says that we are all artists and have the ability to make a difference and stand for something. What stops us from doing so are years of being programmed to do things a certain way, taking instructions without question– from our years in school to the culture that was fostered in corporate America. But this isn’t working anymore; the system is broken. Average is over. And if we can find passion in what we do, “bring our whole self to work,” if we can begin to see things differently, including the way we give, the way we make a living, we will begin to make a difference…in the lives of others as well as are own.

He talks about “training ourselves to matter,” to become a linchpin, a person who brings humanity, connection, and art to her/his organization. Seth defines linchpins as “the essential building blocks of tomorrow’s high-value organizations. They don’t bring capital or expensive machinery, nor do they blindly follow instructions and merely contribute labor. Linchpins are indispensable, the driving force of our future.” Throughout the book, Seth gives examples of linchpins, from the waiter at Dean and Deluca in New York, to Paul who works for ConEd, and Richard Branson before he began Virgin, to musician Moby.

I read his book, interviewed him and wrote the newsletter article. But even more than that, I am taking what he has to say to heart, looking at what I do differently, bringing back artistry and passion to my work…something I lost on the way. I am making an effort to connect… to silent the “lizard brain” that Seth coins…that part of the brain that stops us from making a change, whether it’s fear, obligations, etc.

I recommend you pick up a copy of LINCHPIN…it will inspire you.

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  1. Vivian /

    I am a kindergarten teacher. In December, one of my students and her sister took it upon themselves to raise money for Pennies for Peace, an organization whose mission is to bring educational opportunities to girls in Pakistan and Afganistan. Penny by penny, with donations from the children in our school, we raised hundreds of dollars for the cause. This project turned out to be the most important lesson taught all year – and it wasn’t even taught by me. The lesson that each child learned as we went along was that they mattered, that even kids could easily make a difference in the lives of others … and that it didn’t take a whole lot – just a few pennies and a bit of compassion. It’s never to early, I think, to start encouraging our children to think outside the box for ways to, as Seth Godin says, bring humanity and connection to our lives.

    Thanks for reviewing Mr. Godin’s book. I plan on making Linchpin one of my summer reads.

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