Get Him to the Dance

Jul 01

Get Him to the Dance

About a month ago in “Insurance Unplugged”, an e-publication I write for my client, I interviewed Rick Morgan (VP-New Media, Aartrijk) about social media trends in the insurance industry. In response to this article, I heard from one of our insurance agency subscribers who shared a story with me about how Twitter and Facebook (and texting) helped to get teens to a local club dance that would have otherwise been a bust.

The insurance agent heads the local Boys and Girls Clubs in his area, of which there are four clubs. The area has a significant Latino community. One of the local clubs scheduled and promoted a dance featuring Latino music. But on the night of the dance arrived, only four kids showed up. When the teen director asked the four teens why so few kids came, he was informed that hip hop music, not Latino music, was what everyone preferred. The hired DJ told the kids that this was “no problem,” that he had plenty of hip hop music that could be played. So one of the four kids got on his cellphone, and viola!!, within 30 minutes, forty or more kids had arrived at the club for the dance. Now that’s what I call results.

If you have any examples of social media in action, please share them with us.

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  1. Ron Williams /

    cool story, and a prime example of how cell phones and the internet, specifically social media based websites like Facebook, have made advertising and organizing parties, dances and other social functions and snare your target audience often getting instant results.

    Through Facebook, friends of mine from thirty-odd years ago gathered for their own mini-reunion of High School friends and associates, numbering near 150 participants. There were graduates representing thirty years at the same high school! Amazing!

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