Jul 20


Today I visited one of my favorite clothing stores (in-store, on-line, and catalogue), Anthropologie, while taking a break from writing. (Well, to be honest, I received an email blast from them inviting me to look at “Outfits in Transition”… I couldn’t help myself and indeed I took a look.) I clicked on one of the outfits, “Erelong Paisley” where an ivory jacket is displayed, along with a welcome notice, comments from Facebook users, and an option for me to click “Like”. Of course, I clicked “Like” and of course I read the comments…from all those women out there also taking a break and giving their opinions on the jacket, the shoes. (I’m contemplating whether to make a comment as I write this post.)

How brilliant is this! You take a look at a clothing item you like, before you even see the price and delivery options, you’re reading other people’s comments about the piece (one comment said: “I’m ordering the entire outfit…I hope it looks as good on me as it does on the model”). Instant testimonials! So now you’re faced with the decision of whether you’re just taking a break going through the latest trends on-line or whether you’re going to click “add to bag”. Very smart.


  1. Diane Lansing /

    It’s fun to take a break and peruse, although I’m the master at finding ways to “take a break” from what I should be doing! But other peoples opinions don’t interest me at all, nor would they influence what I might like or dislike in a piece of clothing or an outfit. So the facebook aspect of shopping is lost on me.
    Add to cart can be dangerously easy!

  2. Kim McGraw /

    Very smart indeed. Women try on clothes and ask the sales clerk or another customer to comment on their outfit.

    Applying the same concept online is a great idea.


  3. I like the “in the trenches” aspect of these reviews, they seem unscripted and real whereas sometimes you wonder if the seller’s marketing department wrote a bunch of “testmonials” and posted them on its site. But with all of this pop-up blasting tweet face-space-booking going on, I feel like I’m courting an attention deficit disorder!

  4. Jane /

    Denise is right; more and more, I’m having trouble concentrating on the task at hand (evidence of the persuasive sway of all this stuff??) I have to say, I love when I’m about to buy something that there are reviews of the item from real people. I’ve found them pretty helpful and accurate, and feel like I’m more likely to order when I know that several buyers agree that an item ran small, or large, or was a flattering fit for my body type.

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