Playing the Name Game: Changing Titles, Department Names Reflect Company Culture, New Roles

Jul 29

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who works for a mag rep company and sells advertising for a number of publications. She called a company in San Francisco and the voice mail directed her to various departments including Customer Delight, instead of Customer Service or Client Servicing.

A few days later I interviewed Ken Blanchard, best-selling author and co-author of more than 40 books, including the well-known One Minute Manager®. He’s also the founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies and his title is: Chief Spiritual Officer. Not CEO. Not President. But CSO.

The person responsible for creative and copywriting at a global advertising company is the Head of Creation.

Another friend in addition to her sales role at the company is head of the Spirit Committee …well, she is the Spirit Committee. She is responsible for all the fun stuff at the company…coming up with ideas for the employees to participate – holiday parties, social gatherings.

This got me thinking…for many companies the standard names for titles, departments are changing to complement the culture of many businesses. Companies want to reflect their uniqueness, their vision and one way of doing this is not to box themselves in with the same old titles. Additionally, we also have new titles being established to reflect positions opening up as new skill sets are needed such as Director of Community for those in charge of firm’s social media, or Digital Strategist for those responsible for a company’s interactive or online strategy.

What new, unique title, division names have you encountered?


  1. Well, with the advent of increasingly complicated websites over the last several years, I always liked the title “Webmaster” — kinda sounds like The Beastmaster — very superhero-esque, and very apropos as such a person literally drives the whole operation of the website. Don’t know if this is common, but my company creates a “Tiger Team” when there’s a particularly nasty problem that needs to get resolved…the team members literally hunt down the issues and chew away at them until they’re dead!

  2. Annie George /

    Client Advocate is another title I just came across…at Willis Insurance.

  3. My best title ever was Vice President Agency Vision. My job was to implement a new agency management system for two recently merged agencies, write, train and implement new workflows with new system and implement the owners’ visions for their new firm.

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