Who’s Clicking and Getting Deals?

Nov 08

Who’s Clicking and Getting Deals?

One of my closest friends in L.A. frequently calls me to check out a new restaurant or go to one we like using a discount through the site Groupon.com. She recommended I sign up and now I get “personalized” offers…the latest offer is for full-body acupuncture or a massage (perhaps “it” knows I’m in the midst of packing and moving and in desperate need of pampering). Groupon negotiates huge discounts on popular local goods, services and cultural events and offers these deals to thousands of subscribers in a free daily email. The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to buy.

In addition to Groupon, there are other social buying sites like Buywithme.com, Livingsocial.com and Yipit.com. There also coupon sites like Fatwallet.com and Retailmenot.com that bring you deals and offers on everything from diapers to laptops! On the other end of the spectrum, Gilt.com offers discounts on top designers at up to 70% off retail. There’s a brief “waiting list” to become a member. Other sites include: Beautyticket.com, Hautelook.com (high-end clothing), Onekingslane.com (high-end home goods), Outnet.com (luxury goods) and Zulily.com (for infants to 8-year-olds).

You can also find out about deals using Twitter with: @Cheaptweet and @Coupontweet.

Where are you going to look for and get bargains online?


  1. Wow you covered so many! I also like GOLDSTAR for great prices on theatre and show tickets. BROWN BAG also offers half price theatre tickets.

    Of course the only problem with any sort of coupon is spending more money than you should just because it seems like such a good deal. Just always ask yourself if you really need it.

  2. Kim McGraw /

    Blackboardeats.com – I use it all the time for 20-30% savings. It’s a great way to visit new restaurants. Thrillist.com – local to LA covers everything from food to clothing.

    Don’t forget Dailycandy.com

  3. I find myself being reluctantly dragged into different aspects of social networking, now from a coupon and deal standpoint (and if you’ve got to go there, could there BE a better reason?)…saw on the news today that LinkedIn is getting a signup every second, and is the fastest-growing social network at the moment (at least, that’s what Channel 5)! I knew about Goldstar, and have scored some good stuff there (salsa bootcamp, anyone?) and I’m looking forward to squirreling out even more deals on these sites. Thanks!

  4. I’ve evaded Groupon for months… don’t know why, just thought, “Nah…one more coupon I’ll never get around to using.” But this morning, they got me. $25 for a $50 coupon to American Apparel? I have a teenage daughter and Christmas is coming… how perfect is this target marketing?? And again, Goldstar is king! However, I only buy Goldstar tickets to things I wanted to attend anyway. But I have single, footloose-and-fancy-free pals who just cruise the Goldstar site, and if they see something that catches their eye, they buy (e.g., “hmmm…transvestite tango dancing competition? $5 a ticket? What’s not to like!?!”)

  5. I know of Grupons and have used then also. They get huge discounts on goods and services. The merchants hope to get additional customer.
    As you discovered, there are many discount sites like them.They are great for the consumer. Keep looking around, you will find a hundred sites like this one as well as many cut rate auction sites!

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