Going Back to School for My SEOs

Dec 09

Going Back to School for My SEOs

It’s actually a bit more than that…I’m starting a one-year program beginning January on Internet Marketing/New Media Marketing (SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, etc.). I’ll be taking classes on-line as well as attending UCLA at night. At UCLA we’ll have guest lecturers from Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other tech/social media companies. I’m excited about going back to school…it’s been quite a while.

Why now? I’ve been in the field of marketing for a long time, having started out in insurance marketing writing and producing personalized newsletters for insurance agencies and developing various products for the industry to help in their sales and marketing efforts. I’ve also worked in the sports technology industry for many years as a consultant with a company that created the first (yes, the first) website in sports: FIFA.com. It was in the early 1990s in time for the World Cup, which was held here in the U.S. in ‘94. We got 5,000 hits on the online soccer (football) platform, a very big deal at the time (really). FIFA.com evolved over time as we implemented new features and kept up with technology to include community-based channels, user interactivity, etc.

With this same U.S.-based sports technology company and a global Spanish company (Grupo Santa Monica Sports), we developed an online community for soccer enthusiasts/fans from all over the world, connecting people a la Facebook and MySpace. Great stuff.

Things keep changing very quickly in my field, with Internet Marketing and Content Marketing (which I am really excited about as it combines my passion for writing, reaching the audience to get them engaged, and helping clients market their products and services online), and other strategies coming into their own. And now as a consultant with a company that provides Internet Marketing services to the insurance industry, I’ve stayed in step. But I want to get ahead of the game and expand my skills and value, so it’s back to school.

I’m curious…what classes/courses/workshops or Continuing Education have you all taken in your own fields to keep current or to enhance your own personal growth?


  1. Kim McGraw /

    In between jobs last summer I decided to join a online social media group to brush up on my skills.

    It lasted about two weeks before I was hired by a company where my background in print and online was a perfect fit.

    So once again I put social media on the backburner.

    As the world turns…the print jockeys will have to adapt to a new world…and get on the social media bandwagon.

    When the time comes I too will have to go back to school and expand my skills and value.


  2. Just this past October I spent four days in North Carolina attending the RIPE conference, an event that’s taken place annually for more than 30 years. RIPE is for research industry professionals, who gather to meet, greet, and exchange ideas (everybody brings a “brag book” item that we’re pleased to share with the group). It’s a great way to get a sense of how our own organization’s technical communications department is functioning compared to others in related fields and, of course, a great opportunity to network. The only downside: the ridiculous amount of work that’s piled up when you return home!

  3. Oh God I think I could have three Masters degrees with all the classes I’m always taking! I never seem to NOT have something to learn. And one class leads to another and so on and……

    Well, I took a poetry writing class that led to a playwriting class that led to screenwriting and now I’m learning about TV writing. It’s a constant evolution that keeps me growing and interested in life. And in my free time I began a life drawing class from the Emeritus College where I meet woman and men in their late 80′s taking classes!

    So you go Annie and keep developing all your amazing talents!

  4. Ron Williams /

    Sounds like someone is reinventing oneself… nothing wrong with that. As a struggling, creative writer/producer, I just a few scant weeks ago had a conversation with my writing partner and it was decided that we needed to change direction.

    “The internet has changed the way the studios and corporate America do business” he said. (I’m paraphrasing) “Yes, I agree. We should work on web-isodes, or a web-series” I retorted.

    So we did. We wrote several episodes, brought in friends who are working actors, a fine director who I had recently produced a film for, and after a couple of read throughs, we figured we had a solid project underfoot.

    Long story short, we shoot ten episodes this weekend, we have an arrangement to air weekly episodes on a high profile website, and we feel re-invigorated and ready to take on the world!

    Okay, it’s not school, but it is a change in direction, a re-inventing of oneself to better prepare ourselves for an ever-changing world.

    We salute you & good luck!

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