Where Do You Get Your News?

Jan 13

Where Do You Get Your News?

This morning I read an article from e-Marketer on where people go to get their news. The Internet ranks first, with television trailing for those between the ages of 18-29; for those between 30-49, the Internet follows television with newspapers lagging behind; and for those 50-64, it’s television, then newspapers with the Internet catching up. For those over 65, television is still the main source.

I am online so much, especially since I write a daily insurance news service, that I end up getting most of my news via various sources online: NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, LA Times…and then via some television news media website outlets: CNN, MSNBC. I rarely get the time to sit and read the “physical” paper (except for the occasional weekends or to do the crossword puzzle in the Sunday NY Times for total frustration!).

Where are you getting your news?


  1. Like you I am online most all day. I subscribe to the twitter feed for @startelegram for local breaking new and @cnnbrk for national/international breaking news. Interesting that I might also see in on FB or one of my friend’s twitters first. I do still take time on Sunday morning to read the local paper front-to-back while savoring my coffee. My chance to catch up on all that is going on here, especially if I have been out-of-town.

  2. wwd in paper form, nyt online, npr, msnbc morning joe….ny1 on tv

  3. The insurance trade media is my most-read source of news, for business reasons. After that it’s a daily newspaper (in print, no less), local NYC radio, and The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times online.

  4. Kim McGraw /

    Daily: For business I’m online with Ad Age Daily and the Ad Age Digital edition. I’m also online with the NY times and the Wall Street Journal.

    After that its Television for local and national news.

    On the weekends I settle in with the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times with a cup of coffee.

  5. Ron Williams /

    Perhaps embarrassingly enough, I get a lot of news thru Facebook… So many people all over the world are now connected so news travels faster than ever and people love to be the first (and fastest) to spread news, whether it’s celebrity deaths, natural catastrophes or financial misconduct, some form of info is spread in status reports which end up in countless news feeds… So there’s no need for tv, radio or newspapers… You just “gotta have friends!”

  6. John lansing /

    I still love the feel of a newspaper. Television National news and CNN, KCRW when I’m in the car.

  7. Denise Betts /

    Didn’t realize it until you asked–knee-jerk reaction would have said “TV,” but I realized that just about every time I’m online, I Google the news to get a quick bite of what’s going on around the world. From there I’m taken everywhere from the LA and NY Times to the WSJ and the London Daily Mirror, all kinds of local papers across the country, and news sources such as AP and Reuters (which seems to take me to that “Oddly Enough” category for the funniest human interest stories of the day). Half the time I don’t even realize how far afield I’m wondering as I click through whatever catches my eye. For example, I guess I’m one of the millions responsible for the video of the guy with the golden voice going viral..great story (with a troubling development; I hope we all just leave the man in relative obscurity now, as all the media attention has had some negative impact). So the amount of news delivery via the internet has kind of snuck up on me, bypassing TV…and reading traditional newspapers is a rarity.

  8. Jordan George /

    I get my news from all sources. Internet, TV and the print. But less and less with TV being a source.

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