Heard Former Google Exec Speak on Internet Marketing, Boy Was He Good!

Jan 24

Heard Former Google Exec Speak on Internet Marketing, Boy Was He Good!

I just returned from a conference called Peak Performance. It’s for the insurance industry and brings together everyone from insurance company execs, wholesalers, and large brokerages to retail agents who work directly with consumers. It’s annual event that my client, Neilson Marketing Services and ProgramBusiness.com, put on every January at one of our country’s beautiful ski resorts. This year it was at Snowmass, near Aspen. The attendees get together to network and learn about marketing strategies.

One of the main speakers was an ex-Google exec named Chad Meisinger. He was a partner in a company who sold to Google and then he worked for them for three years.  Chad now has his own company (several) and does some really fantastic philanthropic work. He has also partnered with Neilson Marketing to provide the insurance industry with an Internet Marketing program.

Now that you have the background, I want to tell you that Chad’s session is by far one of the best I’ve heard. And watching the other attendees, I can say they felt the same way. Why? Because he got us involved. He didn’t speak at us. He asked us questions. He tied in statistics with real-life examples. He showed us what works, what doesn’t. And he improvised…meaning he went off script easily when someone had a question or people wanted to know more. He spoke for two days, 1½ hours each time, and no-one got bored.  In fact, a lot of people wanted more! Even at eight in the morning on a Saturday. Or even when the slopes were beckoning them.

I was a bit privy to watching how Chad worked his preparation for the presentation. We had met up (accidently) at LAX to fly to Aspen. He “ran through” his slides on the flight over, asked me a few questions about the attendees, and planned to “tweak” it further once he got to the conference. That night at the “meet and greet” he spoke to many people about their expectations, what they already knew about Internet Marketing, SEO, blogging, social media, metrics; if their firms were already involved in this arena; what they expected to get out of the sessions. There were various sides of the industry at the conference, so it’s a balancing act. You have insurance companies whose clients are independent agents; you have agents whose clients are businesses and individual consumers; you have wholesalers who may deal with both agents and businesses; you have vendors who market to all. But Chad during the evening tapped into what each wanted to learn from his session, getting a feel for the depth of knowledge and what their expectations were.  He then went to work on fine-tuning his presentation that night.

In the morning, I saw him again working on the timing of the presentation, what could be left out, what could be enhanced, depending on what the attendees wanted.

Chad got up there, told everyone what he was going to discuss, and to feel free to ask him questions along the way. He rocked it. Everyone was participating.  It goes without saying that he knows what he is talking about and is passionate. But it’s the way he delivers his knowledge and the interaction that he fostered right from the beginning that was impressive. After he was done (it was time for the slopes), there were a lot of people going up to him asking for more information. The next day on Saturday, they were ready to learn more.

You have to take your hat (white hat, by the way, Chad, if you read this) off to him. Eight-five percent of the attendees who were surveyed about the conference said, Chad’s talk went above and beyond what they were expecting. They learned something new, felt inspired and was able to understand Internet marketing like never before….”

Tell me, what conference have you attended lately where you were inspired by the speaker and why?


  1. Annie

    My telephone has been ringing off the hook all morning from delegates who attended Peak Performance because of Chads presentation.

    They’re much more comfortable with how to review and dive into internet marketing for their insurance operation now more than ever.

    And yes I have tipped my White hat off to Chad.

  2. He sounds like an excellent speaker, glad it was a positive event for you. I will pass this on to my husband who is starting Toast Masters and planning on giving presentations in his field. You gave some great guidelines in how to hold a groups attention and how to connect for that “personal” touch.

  3. Denise Betts /

    Can’t say I’ve been to anything lately that can even come close to this — after this glowing review, I want to hear Chad speak!

  4. Kim McGraw /

    When President Obama spoke at the Tucson memorial.

  5. I’ve had the pleasure of “participating” (it is hard to call if just “seeing”) in Chad’s presentations over the years as well as those put on by many others and his always rise to the top of my Glad I Sat Through This list.
    I’d like to see Seth Godin speak sometime to compare their styles and passion about their topics.

  6. Annie George /

    Mike, I also would like to see Seth sometime. I interviewed him last year, and he was great one-on-one.

  7. Ron Williams /

    Sounds like Chad is well versed and a fine public speaker. I personally cringe when I have to, or feel compelled to give a speech to even a small audience.

    I don’t like to read a memorize copy, but prefer to “fly by the seat of my pants” so to speak. Oh, sure, I’ll have key words and key phrases to help me along the journey, but I think you have to speak from the heart as well as the mind.

    So hats off (black, white, whatever) to Chad for his ability to be concise, give valuable information and helping to make the conference a success!

  8. Wow… Thank you for the kind words! I’m humbled by your praises and the confirmation that I actually connected with the audience.

    When I’m speaking I always have three things in mind:
    1) Know my material (earn the right to talk about it so that you can take the conversation any direction needed to connect with the audience),
    2) Know my audience (make the presentation as personal and relevant as possible with examples that hit home), and
    3) Pray (I pray for wisdom and the words needed to connect with my audience).

    Thank you again for your kind words, it was a true blessing getting to know you better at the conference.

  9. Annie George /

    You certainly connected Chad…and got everyone who was on the fence, climbing over and seriously looking at (or taking the steps) what they need to do in this digital landscape. My pleasure, too!

  10. Annie,

    You nailed it. He rocked it!!

  11. Chad when the delegates from this years 2011 Peak Conference call & email right after returning home from this years conference and ask, “Where’s next years 2012 conference and is Chad going to participate again”? I would say you connected with the audience you know the material and yes your prayers were answered in respect to connecting with everyone. Great job and see you at Peak in 2012!

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